The name is Seairra. I HATE cats, love broccoli and do not smoke weed. I feel very strong about my music. My least favorite band is Coheed&Cambria<3 I hate Whitney Baker, although she is my best friend. I also love piercings and tattoos very much so. Cuddling is another passion of mine. I love it. I don't play sports. I love cappuccinos but hate coffee. I once swallowed an entire cat, head first. People don't understand my ways, but that's fine... Because I'm part of a motorcycle gang in Cali and we are official bad.. aces. No biggie. I love beards, for real doe. Bye.


Kellin Quinn.jpg <<<< Kellin Quinn. The Sex God<3 He is the amazing lead singer of the band Sleeping with Sirens, one of my favorite bands.


Short, Shy, Crafty, Unique
Niece of Michael Wickham
Lover of Peanut Butter, Art, Music
Who feels happy with her friends, inspired by music, grumpy in the mornings,
Who gives hugs, sympathy, help,
Who fears heights, failing, being contained,
Who would like to see Tokyo, London, Things from Whitney's perspective,
Who lives outside of town, in the country,