-Hello. My name is Logan P. Stevens. I am a senior at Cambridge High School. 5 foot ten. 225. straight diesel. Yeah you could call me a tank. lol jk . I'm taking this poetry class so i can gradate and its actually pretty cool. Plus if I wasn;t in here I believe some of the others would not find this class entertaining but i could be wrong because i cant read their minds.....for the most part their all really cool though. I love boxing and wrestling and football, boxing is my s*** it is my life time sport..... anything else u need to ask? then get wiith the program and hit me up on either facebook or twitter lmao.

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Poetry contest- "Memory Made"
The ruts in the ground dry out,
The grass has been freshly cut
for you can smell it in the air,
My dog Boss trots at my side
while panting with,
his parched tongue hanging out,
The overwhelming scent of BBQ
powers through the fresh cut grass
I...... am going to swim at the local pool,
where this summers' memories will be made
I jump , flip, then dive.
sploosh, the lifeguard is wet,
I am then kicked out......
Memory made.