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Favorite Artist GroupYoung Money

"I Speak The Truth But I Guess That's A Foreign Language To Yall" - Lil Wayne

Rapper Til Da Death Of Me

Come AroundD-Wayne

Take It Down LowAkon feat. Chris Brown

My Original Poems:This ain't football but I'll layya out like a DoormatRun you over with a steam roller, make you Real Flat
Blind to FactsOpen to Lies
Be Happy With YourselfDon't Change You For Someone Else
I'd Like To Be An ActorBut It Might Be Tough Cuz Imma ProcrastorIf You Didn't Know That's Short For ProcrastinationTo Recognize My Swag It Takes Close Examination

Lucky Number:
Lucky number seven will take me to Heaven.They sound alike but its not related to Eleven.The world has a truth showed by a Number.People are blind to the truth, but they still Stevie Wonder.

Haiku Nature Was Destroyedimages.jpgnature-wallpaper-free-1891-500x312.jpg
Teacher Over EnjoyedMurder By No Choice

Free Verse Poem:Sun shining down on the groundFlowers blooming with the grassClouds look like soft pillows made of cottonGreat day to waste the time away

New Original PoemsComing Soon