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-J-Wann's Back-
"Look, I just shed tears homie and now I ain’t to proud to admit it

Just seen my father for the first time in a minute

And when I say a minute I mean years man

D--m, a whale could have swam in them tears fam

Cause as I left em’ I reflected on my younger days

When it was just me and my brother and my mother played

Father, cause no other man bothered

Not even my biological, it never seemed logical

But I accepted it cause I ain’t know no better

Thought I was brighter than a Polo sweater

No pops was like Martin with no Coretta

So many things you could have told me

And saved me the trouble of letting my mistakes show me

I feel like you barely know me

And that’s a shame cause our last name is the same

That blood type flowing through our veins is the same

My mama left you and it may be that anger’s to blame

But that’s no excuse, only you and God know the truth

And why you only call monthly, barely ever saw me

Spend some summers with you and played with my cousin Maury

Maybe I should be tellin’ you “f--k you” cause you selfish

But I want a father so bad, I can’t help but…
Break down, I break down...

Can’t help but break down"

CALL OF DUTYexcitement, stress reliefexciting, gaming, entertaining'A game of CoD a daywill help you learn to spray'Ps3
JDFunny, irritable, athletic, school spiritedSon of Angela DemkowiczLover of sports, ladies, and shroom pizzaWho feels angry when stupid people talk, give an opinion, or try to act smartWho fears failure, loss of a family, deathWould like to see a Steelers football game, a Drake concert, and a better economyWho lives in a white house by the parkDemkowicz
6 Word Memoirs"Play that funky music, white boy"

F-o-u-rmy computer is black, my computer is hard.Keyboard small, like ping-pong ballsInternet connection off the wall!Acer on the front,aspire on the back.I'm rockin Windows homie, forget a Mac!

I made something out of nothing,thanks for nothing dad.Said you loved meI didn't know you were bluffing dad.Other than my mom and sis, I'm on my own,how can a man leave his son out in the cold?I know that I'm strong because you're weak,and when I have my son, anywhere he is, I'll be.