Hi! My Name Is Destini (:

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I don't deserve you,
yet you stay and like the select few
You make me feel like everything's going to be alright
especially when im in your arms at night
lust turned into love for life
Boy we can be together
for better or for worse
Girl as long as we got eachother
we can make it work
been hurt before, but im not doubting you
cant be insecure when im so proud of you

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Tranquil Quiet
Relaxing Growing Hoping
Knowledge Strength Hatred Anger
Fighting Killing Decaying
Raw Primitive

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I thought i'd never find myselfthe day i found you,the plans for only one of meare future plans for twosoul mates in the universethat make the world surrealfor when i'd given up on dreamsyou showed me love is realand now thatall my love for youwill never cease to growplease take me in your loving armsand never let me go.

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An Addict I'm Not...so he pushes me away
hoping I won't see it, and lead him astray

*An Addict I'm Not...
but I must still live the life
dealing and coping
praying one day he'll stop

*An Addict I'm Not...
maybe I feel it more
knowing any moment, he could walk out that door

*An Addict I'm Not...
so I live all alone
sure he's here beside me,
but it's not him that's home

*An Addict I'm Not...
so I deal with his lies
the deceit and the pain
and all the tear free cries

*An Addict I'm Not...
thinking I could help
one day my love will be enough,
but it won't I can tell
*An Addict I'm Not...
I see the pain in his heart and
the fear that grips his soul
as he grabs for his pipe,
and smokes one more bowl
*An Addict I'm Not...
if only he could just see
what I see in him
and know he could someday be
*An Addict I'm Not...
so I watch from afar
as he destroys himself
a little more each day-
Dear God please help him
each night I'll continue to pray!
Because An Addict I'm Not,
but I must watch him be

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When we sit and we think
about are childhood and what you did
We wonder why you did those things

You made us cry and you didn't care
you said you were sorry but you were never there
mom I love you and I wont you to know you made me brave
and I thank you for that

If it weren't for you I wouldn't be so strong
me and my brother are the strongest kids I know
we have been through so much you wouldn't even know

I hope you are happy
I love you though

Love always,
Your Daughter

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The birds are chirpingThe sun is burning brightlythe trees are swaying

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