My favorite color is Asian. I am secretly a ninja but no one knows it. I do ninja flips. I save kittens from trees. Ever heard of a cat stuck in a tree? Me either, cause I saved it. My name is Cody - YungLee - Engstrom. I have dat Asian persuasion. I play Soccer, Tennis, and football. I am an A/B student. Other Asians think i'm dumb, but i'm not, i'll eat ya alive because you know that I am the Asianest of them all, if you ain't bout noodles, then I don't eat at all.

The Funniest Thing

The things I find funny

People don’t laugh

Things I don’t find funny

People always laugh

The funny thing is

When I find things funny

People laugh

Sometimes - Selina Tan


School can be fun

School can be boring

school can bring friends

school can bring enemies

school can bring rules

But u can break them

school brings bullies

school bring work

School brings cheating

School you learn new thing

School you try you best

School you never give up

School have teacher you might like and hate

school where you meet new people

Wake at six o’clock

Get to school late

Get detention

No homework done


Suzanne Matanga


The soldier fights for the people,

The soldier fights for good,

The soldier fights against evil.

Evil fights against the soldier,

Good fights with the soldier,

The people help the soldier.

The soldier fights for the Politicians,

The soldier fights for his country,

The soldier fights for his religion.

The politicians send him of to fight,

The country supports his strength,

His religion holds him back.

Corey Fauchon


The two authors I am writing about are Rita Dove and Elizabeth Browning. Rita Dove is an exceptional poet, story writer, and script writer. She is an African American household consisting of herself, two younger sisters, and older brother and her mother and father. She had a passion for reading and would read many hours a day. Doves big surprise was when she became the youngest person at the age of 40, and first African American to be honored as U.S. Poet Laureate in 1993 and held the title until 1995. Elizabeth Browning was born at Coxhoe Hall, Durham, England. Elizabeth was educated at home, learning Greek, Latin, and several modern languages at an early age. She is Caucasian and was very successful at a young age. In 1819, her father arranged for the printing of one of her poems (she was 13 at the time.) In 1850, Elizabeth's best known book of poems was published Sonnets from the Portugese.

Green, Bright
Absorbing, Growing, Living Seed, Flower, Pot, Water Dying, Drying, Dulling Brown, Dark



Pale, Clear
Growing, Evolving, Stilling Critter, Nest, Queen, Eggs Crawling, Biting, Adventuring Black, Fast