Football is my life. I LOVE IT. I used to play but I got a bad concussion and can't play anymore. My other love is basketball. I only played basketball when I was in 7th grade and I loved it.

Commencement, Pingree School

Among these North Shore tennis tans I sit,
In seersucker dressed, in small things fit;
Within a lovely tent of white I wait
To see my lovely daughter graduate.

Slim boughs of blossom tap the tent and stamp
Their shadows like a bower on the cloth.
The brides in twos glide down the grassy ramp
To graduation's candle, moth and moth.

The Master makes his harrumphs. Music. Prayer.
Demure and close in rows, the seniors sway.
Class loyalty solidifies the air.
At every name, a body wends her way

Through greenhouse shade and rustle to receive
A paper of divorce and endless leave.
As each accepts her scroll of rhetoric,
Up pops a Daddy with a Nikon. Click.

School Lunches
They call their meatballs yummyBut really they upset my tummy
On a whole grain bun, hot ham and cheeseGive me a break! For real? Please!
Whole graain pepperoni pizzaI'd rather eat a Zebra
Another whole grain bun this timesloppy joe
It taste about the same as a crusty toe
Nachos with cheese, really thats all?There's not even meat, I'm sad; I bawl.
Disgusting, the texture of a sweet potato frySweet potato puff, why?
Watered down milk they call it fat-freeI ask over and over why oh why me?